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Sonic.EXE: The Movie - Watch the Terrifying Trailer

Sonic EXE: The Creepy and Twisted Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

If you are a fan of the classic platformer game Sonic the Hedgehog, you might be curious about a game called Sonic EXE. But be warned, this is not a game for the faint-hearted. Sonic EXE is a horror game that features a corrupted and evil version of Sonic, who wants to kill his friends and anyone who crosses his path. In this article, we will explore what Sonic EXE is, why it is so scary, and how to play it.

What is Sonic EXE?

Sonic EXE is a fan-made game that is based on a creepypasta story of the same name. A creepypasta is a short horror story that is spread online, usually through forums or social media. The story of Sonic EXE was written by a user named JC Hyena, who claimed that he received a CD-ROM from his friend Kyle, who was acting strangely. The CD-ROM contained a modified version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, with a file named SONIC.EXE. When JC Hyena played the game, he discovered that it was a twisted and demonic version of Sonic, who killed his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik in gruesome ways. He also received disturbing messages from the game, such as "I AM GOD" and "YOU'RE TOO SLOW". He realized that the game was possessed by an evil entity that called itself X, and that it had killed his friend Kyle.

sonic exe

The origin of Sonic EXE

The story of Sonic EXE was first posted on a website called Creepypasta Wiki in 2011, where it gained popularity among horror fans. The author, JC Hyena, later admitted that he was inspired by other creepypasta stories, such as BEN Drowned and Slender Man, as well as by the works of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft. He also said that he wanted to create a story that would scare the readers and make them question their own sanity.

The plot of Sonic EXE

The plot of Sonic EXE follows the events of the creepypasta story, with some variations depending on the version of the game. The game has several levels, each featuring a different character from the Sonic franchise. The player has to control the character and try to escape from the evil Sonic, who chases them and tries to kill them. The game also has hidden secrets and Easter eggs that reveal more about the backstory and the motives of X.

The gameplay of Sonic EXE

The gameplay of Sonic EXE is similar to the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, but with a dark twist. The game has 2D graphics and uses retro-style music and sound effects. However, the game also has distorted and bloody images, creepy noises, jump scares, and gore. The game is designed to be challenging and frustrating, as the player has limited control over the character and has to face many obstacles and traps. The game also breaks the fourth wall by addressing the player directly and messing with their computer screen.

Why is Sonic EXE so scary?

Sonic EXE is considered to be one of the scariest fan-made games ever created, for several reasons. Here are some of them:

The disturbing graphics and sounds of Sonic EXE

One of the main reasons why Sonic EXE is so scary is because of its graphics and sounds. The game uses images of the original Sonic game, but with a corrupted and twisted appearance. For example, the backgrounds are dark and gloomy, the enemies are mutilated and bloody, and the characters have red eyes, sharp teeth, and evil smiles. The game also uses sounds that are meant to unsettle and frighten the player, such as screams, laughter, static, and distorted music. The game creates a contrast between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the cute and the creepy, and the nostalgic and the nightmarish.

The psychological horror of Sonic EXE

Another reason why Sonic EXE is so scary is because of its psychological horror. The game plays with the emotions and expectations of the player, who is used to seeing Sonic as a friendly and heroic character. The game makes the player feel helpless, hopeless, and guilty, as they witness Sonic killing his friends and mocking them. The game also makes the player question their own reality and sanity, as they are confronted by X, who claims to be a god and to have control over their computer. The game creates a sense of paranoia, dread, and despair.

The fan-made adaptations of Sonic EXE

A final reason why Sonic EXE is so scary is because of its fan-made adaptations. The game has inspired many other creators to make their own versions of Sonic EXE, with different stories, characters, graphics, and sounds. Some of these adaptations are even more terrifying and disturbing than the original game. For example, there is a game called Sally.EXE, which features a female character named Sally who is tortured by Sonic. There is also a game called Tails Doll.EXE, which features a cursed doll that can kill people by touching them. These adaptations show how creative and imaginative the fans can be, but also how twisted and dark they can be.

How to play Sonic EXE?

If you are brave enough to play Sonic EXE, here are some things you need to know:

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The requirements and download links for Sonic EXE

To play Sonic EXE, you need a computer that can run Windows XP or higher. You also need a program that can unzip compressed files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. You can download the original version of Sonic EXE from this link: ( You can also download other versions of Sonic EXE from this link: ( Be careful when downloading these games, as they may contain viruses or malware.

The tips and tricks for playing Sonic EXE

To play Sonic EXE, you need to use the arrow keys to move the character and the space bar to jump. You need to avoid obstacles and enemies, and try to reach the end of each level. However, you may not be able to escape from Sonic in some cases, as he may appear out of nowhere or teleport behind you. You may also encounter glitches or bugs that may affect your gameplay. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Sonic EXE:

  • Save your progress frequently by pressing F5.

  • Use headphones for a better sound experience.

  • Pay attention to the messages and clues that appear on the screen.

  • Explore different paths and secrets that may lead to different outcomes.

  • Don't give up easily if you get stuck or die.

The warnings and precautions for playing Sonic EXE

To play Sonic EXE, you need to be aware of some warnings and precautions. The game is not suitable for children or people who are easily scared or disturbed. The game contains graphic violence, gore, blood, jump scares, loud noises, flashing lights, and profanity. The game may also cause nightmares, anxiety, depression, or paranoia. Here are some warnings and precautions for playing Sonic EXE:

  • Do not play the game if you have a heart condition or epilepsy.

  • Do not play the game if you are alone or in the dark.

  • Do not play the game if you are sensitive or emotional.

  • Do not play the game if you believe in supernatural or paranormal phenomena.

  • Do not take the game too seriously or personally.


Sonic EXE is a horror game that features a creepy and twisted version of Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is based on a creepypasta story that was written by a fan named JC Hyena. The game has several levels that follow the story of Sonic killing his friends and taunting the player. The game is scary because of its disturbing graphics and sounds , its psychological horror, and its fan-made adaptations. The game can be played on a computer, but it requires some requirements and precautions. The game is not recommended for people who are easily scared or disturbed, as it may cause negative effects on their mental health. The game is a creative and imaginative work of horror, but it is also a twisted and dark one.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Sonic EXE:





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