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Shemale Fuck Anything

Shemale masseuse Tori Mayes will do anything to please her first customer.When she reaches his cock she grabs it and jerks him off before deepthroating.She sits on the table having her big hard cock ready to get sucked off and her ass to get fucked

shemale fuck anything


She groaned as I started to suck her cock, her hand resting on the back of my head. I sucked her hard, paying close attention to the underside and her pee hole. She seemed to love it and started to fuck my mouth. She made me gag as her cock hit the back of my throat.

I felt her ass start to jerk as she fucked my mouth and I knew she was going to cum. I tried to pull my head away, but she held it in place as she fucked my mouth hard. She groaned loudly, and I felt her hand let go of my head. She came in my mouth. Jets of thick gooey ooze shot from her cock into my mouth and I by mistake swallowed some of it. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, in fact, it tasted good. I lapped up the excess cum and sucked the tip of her cock clean.

She rolled over giving me a full view of her feminine hairless butt. She looked so amazing and I don't think my cock was ever so hard. She spread her ass cheeks for me, and I pushed my cock against her waiting hole. She groaned loudly, pushing herself back against me. I started to fuck her butt as best I could. It was the most intense feeling I ever had. My cock was made for that ass. It was not too tight but not loose. It was perfect.

"Johnny, as you can see I am pretty hard again. Can I fuck you now? You're the only person I have ever been with and have never fucked anything before. I would love it if I could feel your tight ass around my cock."

I couldn't really talk. It felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. It wasn't so much painful as u comfortable. She started to slam her cock into my ass, pulling all the way out and then slamming it home. After a minute, I felt a strangely pleasurable feeling. With her every thrust my pleasure seemed to increase. It wasn't the same sort of pleasure I got from fucking, it was like something was going on in my core.

I closed my eyes as Jessica leant forward to kiss me. I could feel her breasts on my chest as she fucked me for all she was worth. I could feel her struggling to keep a pace going as she got closer to the edge.

Jessica and I have been going steady for more than ten years now and life is bliss. She has blossomed into a gorgeous sexy woman and we often make love to each other. For the most part, she's a bottom, but every once in a while, she likes to fuck me. I have gotten used to her beautiful cock in my butt, especially when she cums inside me.

Arabian Goggles -A "seldom-seen" maneuver when you put your testicles over her eye sockets while getting head. (Picture it: ass on forehead) It may be anatomically impossible, but what the fuck else is new.

The Bait N' Tackle -The sailors used this one in the old Navy days. Before you go off for a long, lonely voyage, get yourself a tall jar and fill it completely with earthworms. When you get lonely, open the jar and fuck away. The earthworms will provide some slithery stimulation, and your protein load will keep them nicely fed. Gone fishing!

Brown Bagging It -Sometimes you meet a girl with a body like there's no tomorrow but a face like a mangy dog. Don't let that body go to waste and let her hideousness stop you from fucking her though. Just draw the smiley face on a brown paper bag, place it over her head, and fuck away while keeping your composure and piece of mind.

Brown Necktie -You're about halfway through ass-wrecking a chick, and instead of filling up her keister with your demonseed, you pull out and proceed to tittie fuck her, leaving a brown streak between the funbags.

Cock-Stuffing -Apparently somewhat on the fringe in gay circles, but involves using thin, cylindrical items (thermometers, wire, rubber worms, etc.), and inserting them into the dick hole. Over many months, continue to gradually ream out the hole-at-the-head with larger items, thus ultimately allowing your "buddy" to obtain the goal of fucking your urethra. Wow!

The Compton Gangbang -You meet a young lady at the bar. She tells you she has a boyfriend, but she ends up going home with you anyway for a one-night stand. When you take her to your place, tell your friends to wait outside your bedroom door. Just when she's about to get off, your friends barge in the room and plainly beat the shit out of her. That should teach her not to fuck around. (Ladies, feel free to perform a Compton Gangbang on guys too. I know you've got some fat girlfriends to help you out.)

Corn -Originating from the fine campus of Cornell University comes this unique, rarely used term. Saying that a girl is "Corn" means, she is so fucking hot, so beautiful, so utterly drop-dead gorgeous, that you would happily eat the corn out of her shit. Can be used as a great pick-up line or friendly compliment, for instance; "Baby, you're more Corn than Green Giant", or "Damn bitch, you are Corn!"

Couch Bombing -When you fill a small ziploc sandwich bag with Crisco (or your favorite lubrication) and place it between the cushions on the couch. You then proceed to fuck the couch as if it were a woman...but no need to buy It dinner first

The Electric Chair -Your psychobitch girlfriend decides she wants to try something kinky, so she props your stupid naive ass up in a chair, strips you down, and ties you up. After arousing you, she then takes a car battery and clamps two jumper cables to each nut sack. This causes you to have all sorts of synapses, spasms, and convulsions. She then mounts your Frankenstein and proceeds to get electrofucked. Warning! May cause erectile dysfunction after performed.

Felching -A gay activity which I do not condone at all. It happens when one fag fucks another fag in the ass and then sucks the jizz out with a straw. Only included for those of you who are considering going to jail. *note: never seen it done with a straw...

Rear Admiral -An absolute blast. When getting a chick from behind (while both partners standing), make sure you don't let her grab on to anything when she is bent over. Then, drive you hips into her backside so that you end up pushing her forwards. The goal is to push her into a wall or table. It's almost as much fun watch her face hit the floor. You rise to Admiral status when you can bang her around the room without crashing into anything and not using your hands to grab onto her hips

The Rose Creeper -Seductively brush a beautiful long stem red rose against your sweetheart's neck, breasts, and inner thigh. Slowly rub the rose along her smooth skin as you tenderly kiss her entire body. After working her into the mood for some deep love making, unzip your fly and pull out your raging boner. Begin to punish-fuck her dumper while whipping her with the rose and screaming nasty obscenities at her. I bet she never saw that coming.

The Snuff -Lovingly fuck the shit out of your virgin or ragging girlfriend and wipe your bloody member across her face. Take a couple Polaroids, show them to your friends, and brag that you're a snuff film superstar.

Sud N' Fud -When trying to bang a girl, she gives that same old story, "I not that kind of girl.", "I don't fuck on the first date.", "I'm catholic.", "Stop asshole.", etc. etc... After hearing all this bullshit, you whip out your handy bar of soap. Then lather up her armpit (or any other joint you prefer), and proceed to fuck that instead.

Tea Bag -To perform the tea bag, have the girl lay flat on her back. Then you squat over her with your hands on your knees, and gently dip your nut sac in and out of her mouth in a motion similar to performing some kind of fucked up yoga exercise.

Wake Up Call -Waking up in the middle of the night with the hard on of your life. You then turn to your fast asleep partner and dry fuck her ass into oblivion. The clincher to performing a wake up call is to act like nothing of the sort happened in the morning. E.g. "Sweetheart, what's that on your back?"

I used to hook up with trannies I met off craigslist casual encounters. There's one latin tranny I hooked up with several times who was a big shooter, nice & curved 6.5 inch uncut cock, and a round muscle ass with nice thighs. Although she was flat as a board. One time she was riding my cock. She really got into riding my cock and she started stroking her cock rapidly. Then she shot an absolutely massive load that ended up on my face and chest. A little bit of her cum even ended up flying into my mouth. Another time I was fucking her on her back while I was spreading her legs. She ended up shooting her load all over herself and some of her cum flew on to the wall. After I took her home I made sure to clean her jizz off the wall and I had to change my bedsheets too.Last thing, I always used to fuck her bareback and she said she liked the feeling of my huge load coming out of her.

I'm only in my early 20s but I feel exactly what you said. When I was a teen I was a petite femboy with long dark hair, and a cute ass and I was obsessed with finding an older man too rip my skirt off, pull my thong down and fuck my cute butt. As I get older I'm finding myself more and more wanting what I was as a companion.

My name is G im 18 years old and for a good half of my life ive watched alot of porn. I am addicted and like alot of what i watch, there are many fetishes i want to try but i am akward and still young. I have a girlfriend, but there are many thing i want to do with men...i want to be fucked by older men but i am not able to do much or drive anywhere. I love my gf but sexually i would like be used in ways..i want to try with one or two men where i am tied up and used while blindfolded. I cant tell my gf because at this time in life she is vanilla, and i know she wont like to do that sort of stuff.

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