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Fallout 4 Standalone Companion Mod

These female companions are located at Vault 111. Included is an ESP and a BAT file for each companion. After installing the mod, you will need to travel to Vault 111 to change them into followers via the console by running the included BAT files.

Fallout 4 Standalone Companion Mod

Every game has a mechanic of its own, and just like that, the affinity of companions is also a part of fallout 4. Their dialogues and actions can notice the relationship of the companion. They, too, have feelings! Also, they do not just help you around in your quests; they also require help from their masters in their quests. Yes, you heard that right, companions can also have their quests, and they will ask for your help. For players to keep track of the affinity rates between them and their companions, they can use the visible companion affinity mod to notify them of any positive or negative changes in their companions.

For instance, while you are playing Fallout 4 survival mode, any action you perform within the game, the vanilla notifications on the top left corner of the screen will display affinity rates. That way, you will know what actions are necessary to keep a healthy and positive relationship with your companion. The mod is a simple, small yet creative mechanism to help players keep track of their affinities in dire needs, and thus, it is listed in our Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods. In simpler words, you will be able to view the ratings from your inventory any time and anywhere!

Companions also have personal feelings, and if you harm them or try to displease them, the affinity rate will drop to the negative side. If the affinity rate drops to a significant level, chances are your companion will leave you. You can build a healthy relationship with your companion with this mod.

Your very own metal companion! The Dog Metal mod transforms your dogmeat into a metal dog that can either be friendly or vicious. You can choose to play with whatever trait you feel like in the game. These dogs can be customized and upgraded, making them fierce in combat. The only disadvantage of this mod is that it turns your healthy, living dog into a non-breathing, lifeless creature to accompany you in your journey. With this mod, your metal dog will be more powerful than before, and they will be equipped with heavy armor and more hp. The function of Dog Metal is still the same as the original DogMeat, and it includes a new addition to its functionalities.

The game does not allow you to own all of the companions at once. You may be able to choose one or two companions at the time, but with this mod, you will be able to get a hold of all the available companions in fallout 4. In addition to dogmeat, you can recruit others as well. You might have noticed that when you select another companion besides dogmeat, the game will replace him with the current companion. Do not worry! Now, you can keep more than the required number of companions, and if you think about it, this would be one of the best fallout 4 companion mods to install.

You all know your very own best friend, the DogMeat; A splendid companion that accompanies you through your adventures within Fallout 4. He helps players with food and assists in fierce battles. The dog is a free companion, as stated by Mama Murphy, and he has a strong sense of smell that can help him track down enemies from a mile away. Furthermore, he can be adopted by the sole survivor, and it is a choice granted to the players by the game as the game gives you an option to either carry a human companion or a dog. The mod, however, allows you to have two companions simultaneously, one being the dogmeat.

On another note, the mod will prevent the companion from showing any feelings of love to the player, and dogmeat will significantly reduce his capacity to carry items. Dogmeat can not disable the perk benefits of Lone Wanderer with this mod. Players can also access the proper quests for dogmeat in Survival Mode.

As there are two mod versions, we recommend that players use the single version. The single version affects only one companion at a time, and it is less complicated than the multi-version of the mod. Fear not, as there is no harm in using the multi-version of the mod. The only benefit that the multi mod carries is that it allows multiple vanilla companions to use the infinite ammo perk.

Moreover, the overall looks of the companions can turn out to be in high resolution and more appealing. The mod can give you a custom face overhaul of your human companion. It turns out, the Overhaul mod is frequently used as fallout 4 best looking companion mods.

Heather Casdin functions differently from other vanilla mod-added companions. She will never leave a spot without your orders and has three combat styles you can personalize through her dialogue menu. The companion is always combat-ready and will attack anything anywhere. You can achieve six affinity levels with Heather, and with the final affinity conversation, you can either stay friends with her or choose love. Let us discuss all the progressions of her affinity;

There are a few fallout 4 best male companion mods that you can find on the internet and test out for yourself. Of course, playing the same old game with repetitive content can become tiresome. As mentioned above, these are the top best fallout 4 companion mods that will make your experience within the game enjoyable, fun, and thrilling.

Horizon is an extremely large overhaul of Fallout 4. It's almost a standalone version of Fallout 4. Using some mods with it may break or ruin Horizon's balance or gameplay features. Special care must be taken! This article provides information on what can be modded and what will not work.

This mod gives you already existing companions a better-textured face and textured armor. It adjusts the textures and shadows for the character models and adds newly designed clothes and armor to them. The companions are made to look much more realistic and have a great choice of clothes. The movement and motion are also tweaked to give it a natural feel.

Ellen is another companion, this time created by modder guicool. She is a cartographer who was born in New Vegas and has roamed the American Wasteland. She can be recruited by the player character by helping her on her journey across the Commonwealth. She has more than 1200+ voiced lines in the game and has many unique interactions with the player.

This mod could be its own expansion as its gameplay ranges from 4 to 5 hours. This was created by modder NikaCola who now works at Bethesda as a Quest Designer, so you know it's amazing to say the least. You meet Kit who is a fully voiced companion with her own unique dialogue and reactions to certain main game events. She has over 6000 lines of original dialogue and possesses lockpicking and hacking abilities. It truly is a great mod to play with.

Fallout 4 starts off with you seeking revenge for your spouse who was unjustly killed. Well now if you are the male Sole Survivor, you can resurrect your spouse Nora and roam the Commonwealth together to find your son Shaun. The mod starts off with a quest and later on you can recruit her as a companion and be the post-apocalyptic Bonnie and Clyde.

If you want to make your follower completely standalone (having a custom body shape/texture, face shape/texture, etc), you'll have to create a custom race for your follower.To create a custom race, follow the steps explained in this tutorial: Creating a custom race for Skyrim.

You can hire a variety of npcs for a price. These npcs cover many different classes going from maid to guard and they will follow you and stay at your home. There are also 4 proper companions (heroes) that you can hire.

Arvesa is still being developed but she's already one of the most complete companions available in terms of features and dialogues. She has a whole story with her own quests and she has a lot to say especially regarding the main quest.

Let me tell you right away what the problem is with Belial: there's not enough! Belial is great to have around, of course, he will fight for you, but mostly, his unique (depressed) personality and quality dialogue are what sold me on this companion. Belial has a custom race.

A large quest mod takes place after the main quest. Janicia will accompany you during (and after the quests, there are also more Blade agents you can recruit. All companions have standard features and a fair bit of dialogue.

Blim-Dim is rather insolent, some would say obnoxious but he certainly has personality! He is based on a character created by TheDrunkenMudcrab, Blim-Dim's adventure span many decades and continent. You can watch his adventures here. There is a quest to make Blim-Dim a better companion and he has a shack in Seyda Neen. Blim-Dim has a custom face.

This companion is not entirely balanced. Indiana James is strong, has an Ebony Sword and a full suit of Ebony armour. You can pretty much sit back and let him do the fighting, especially at lower levels.

Comes-By-Road is a unique companion: he has a unique face but more importantly, he is a healer, an actual smart healer. As long as he has Magicka, he will keep you healthy. Better still, you can ask Comes-By-Road to watch over your whole party. Don't ask him to fight though, that's just not his strong suit.

When you first meet a potential companion, you must first earn their friendship (through dialogue), then their Companionship, and if you get along really well their partnership. Depending on your current relationship, you can ask your companion to chat with you, dance for you, kiss you or make love to you (simple fade in and fade out + sound effects)

Speaking of levelling, it is handled differently than other mods: when you are 2 levels above your companion, you can agree to train them. They will then gain a level every 24 hours until they reach your level.

Two big names of the Morrowind community. Princess Stomper gave us many house mods, always crafted with taste, while Kateri is the author of the most popular companion ever: Julan. The two ladies teamed up to give us a large quest mod, with fun characters and funny situations. The main companion is Arnand, but you can also team up (and romance) his sister.


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