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The Movie Book Meeruthiya Gangsters BETTER

The movie is not always well-lit and the near-dusky frames mirror the somber nature of the subject. It's not a screwball comedy about gangsters like what the posters may tell you. It is a movie that's always tethered to its dark side but like I've alluded to before, one that chooses to play itself out like a 'comedy of manners.' There is the same primitive force of the very early Martin Scorsese -- we are talking here specifically about the Who's That Knocking at my Door? Scorsese -- with the intensity being replaced by a sense of rhapsody.

The Movie Book Meeruthiya Gangsters

The dialogues have the quirk and dark humour of an Anurag Kashyap movie and thanks to this some of the sequences are interesting. In one of the climax sequences, there is a day-long gun battle among our young gangsters and the cops. This is one of the rare high points in the film. Nikhil, Amit and their friends are shown multi-tasking as they fire shots at the police and take breaks to smoke or guzzle some beer! The discussion about how they should communicate to the cops that they want to surrender is kind of funny in its own way.


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