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Apple May Finally Be Getting A Handle On Games

Naturally, my 2011 15 inch MacBook Pro that I've outfit with an SSD drive and maxxed the RAM blows it out of the water in terms of framerates and higher settings, but the game is certainly playable on the Air. I'm confident that any flavour of Mac built within the last couple of years will have no problem running Blizzard games. How well it runs largely depends on the unit. Obviously, the models with dedicated cards are going to outperform, but the integrated cards are getting really decent these days.

Apple may finally be getting a handle on games

After a painfully slow start to the season Tajae Sharpe is finally starting to come on with 68 yards and a touchdown in back-to-back games. Sharpe has target totals of eight, four and seven the last three weeks. The sledding has been much easier for Sharpe since Rishard Matthews has taken over the No. 1 receiver role, and simultaneously bringing Kendall Wright back into the fold, as he saw 54 percent of the snaps last week. The coverage that duo has seen of late is much more favorable then what Sharpe saw as the top target early in the season.

An alternate version of the same model occurs with game consoles. The Xbox 360 or PS/3 play games, but you can also view streaming Netflix movies, browse facebook, or voice chat. It is potentially the non-portable, compute intensive version of the consumer electronic kernel device to handle bigger tasks.


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