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Best Buy Geek Squad Santa Rosa

Purchased a computer..... sold me a true lemon! Thought there was a law on this one but I got stiffed!!! Worst service I have ever received!!!!!! Attempted to work with them through their bad product and opted to take my business elsewhere after unbelievable incompetence- Wouldn't agree that the system was a lemon(could never turn it on and they wanted to repair the brand new computer which had never been powered on after leaving the store!!). Finally agreed it was a lemon to return to the manufacturer when geek squad attempted to unsuccessfully boot up also!! (6 trips back and forth over this!!)Even though they never proved that they loaded the new software I purchased with the lemon computer nor my data transfer b/c new computer never worked/powered up, I got stiffed for the software (it had been open by their incompetent geek squad!), time and labor for installs to a lemon computer and data transfer. They can kiss my A_ _!!!! I will NEVER Step foot in the store again!!! (Also originally had geek squad at the home who explained estimate and fees to old computer could be applied toward purchase of a new one at the store... what a crock o' SH_ _!!!!)Cost hundreds to walk out with nothing!! Service and management was non-existent!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!!!!Happy just to get out and take my business else where!! Got a local repair guy to change out a mother board on my old system for $200 and I'm good!! Best Buy is Worst Buy in my book! Definitely a consumer experience which I do not want to ever repeat! Almost contacted 7 on your side over this but just decided to walk away... when I read these other reviews it made me happy that I wasn't singled out... the whole store is AWFUL!!!!

best buy geek squad santa rosa



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