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Law Of The Lawless Movie [BETTER] Download In Hd

But this narrative, like many spun by the Trump campaign, is more farce than fact, another attempt to draw focus from Trump's handling of the pandemic, economy, and racial injustice. Make no mistake, Trump is not the law and order President. He is the lawless and disorder President.

Law of the Lawless movie download in hd


Trump has even built lawlessness into his public policy. Dozens of officials from other countries have spent money at his properties, likely in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. His foreign policy decisions reek of corruption and conflicts of interest, and his immigration policies have likely violated domestic and international law.

On the Mount of Olives, almost 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ spoke a prophecy, which described "lawlessness" abounding in the last days. He gave this prophecy to His disciples, when they asked Him what to look for directly before Christ's Return. Is increasing lawlessness a sign that the end of the world is near?

The skeptic may say that crime was just as bad in the old days of the frontier and the Wild West. The general perception of many is that the frontier days in the early United States were lawless, and that the old west of the United States was even more wild and lawless. There is an old movie starring John Wayne with the title, The Lawless Frontier, and numerous similar western movies were made. But it really was not as lawless as portrayed by Hollywood. There were not that many gunslingers, cattle rustlers, bank and stagecoach robbers, claim jumpers, saloon fights or challenges to draw at high noon. In fact, while many people carried a gun for protection, most western towns had laws against carrying a gun in town. The infrastructure of lawful society quickly caught up with the rapid western expansion.

More citizens are also disturbed by the trend of various authorities, who are entrusted with enforcing the laws of the land, failing to do so. States in the Southwest have been in and out of the news, as they struggle with issues of illegal immigration. Some government, judicial and corporate officials fail or have refused to enforce certain laws with which they disagree, whether banking laws and regulations, environmental protection laws, immigration, marriage, election and other laws. These are also lawless acts.


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