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Keep Watching __EXCLUSIVE__

Thinking they are safe, Jamie and DJ look around and find Olivia's body, Jamie's positive pregnancy test and videos of her mother and father with baby Jamie. Soon enough, they discover that people all over the world are watching and Jamie tries to tell them to call the police, but is bleeped out and so no one will know their address. Jamie finds a mask with a bow on it and both her and DJ plan to escape.

Keep Watching

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While walking around the house, they find The Terror. Jamie pours gasoline on him and DJ throws a lighter on him, setting the house on fire in the process. Jamie and DJ escape only to be captured by The Creator and The Terror who survived. They discover that the girl they killed was the missing member of the previous family, kidnapped and forced to aid them in the attack on Jamie's family. The Creator tells Jamie that if she aids them, her brother will be safe. The Creator tasers Jamie and says that she will give the online audience a reason to keep watching.

Honestly this is exactly why I'm gonna dump Roku. If I need to put up with BS like this, and P+ is IMO the freaking worst of them with the keep watching. I have no less than 6 titles I stopped watching or completed watching and they will not drop off my keep watching via Roku.

I have a smart TV now and I don't need to watch P+ on my older TV with the Roku. So the aggravation is just P+ suckage wrapped up Roku being lame as neither of them offer a fix. It's 2023 in 3 months an you people can't manage to let us clear out a keep watching???

You need to go on your computer, log in to Paramount Plus and above the keep watching list is an edit button on the right. There you can delete tv shows from the keep watching lists. You can only do it in a web page browser and not through the app. Hope that helps.

The first option to remove something from your Continue Watching list is to skip to the end of the movie or show; it tricks the system into thinking you've completed watching it, and thus it gets removed from the row.

In both methods, always ensure you skip to just before the credits. If you skip immediately to the final few seconds, Disney+ often doesn't register this as a completed viewing and sometimes resets your viewing progress entirely, therefore keeping it in your Continue Watching list.

The other option is to create a new profile. You can have seven profiles per Disney+ subscription. Each profile's viewing is isolated, meaning if you create a new profile then your Continue Watching row will be empty. This isn't ideal because there might be content in your Continue Watching row that you want to keep (and you'll also lose your Disney+ watchlist), so consider this the nuclear option.

Until then, make sure you've disabled autoplay in your Disney+ profile. If you've finished watching a movie and then another one begins playing automatically, you don't want that to appear in Continue Watching.

And now before giving you the details of the battle, I bring you a warning: Every one of you listening to my voice, tell the world, tell this to everybody wherever they are. Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies.

Now that the weather is clearing, Scotty sits down to broadcast the tale of their heroism in the face of a strange and terrifying U.F.O. But he leaves his audience with one warning. Keep checking the skies. If there was one of these guys, there could be more. So keep a look out.

The new feature is now available on the web, mobile, and TV versions of Netflix. With the "Continue Watching" section being one of the first things users see when they boot up the service, users can now say, "No, Netflix, I don't think I'm going to keep watching the live-action Full Metal Alchemist movie that my friends threw on for a laugh on New Years." While not doing anything absolutely game-changing for the streaming service, the feature is a great addition that makes the section much more useful. The ability to choose which shows stay in your "Continue Watching" section means less clutter and more motivation to start new titles from the service.

For weeks now the spectrum app asks me if I want to continue watching literally every 30 seconds. I've tried Uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the internet and wireless routers, turning off the bandwidth saver, checking for app updates, and doing a factory reset on the roku TV. Nothing is working. Every other app on the TV is working correctly. What else can I do?

When you use HBO Max, it remembers where you left off in whatever TV shows and movies you've been watching. To pick up where you left off, you can select the show from the Continue Watching row on the Home page.

The only issue was Continue Watching and the posted suggestion on TV episodes, like my kids started watching on my profile instead of theirs. I just needed to FF through the very last episode of the series and once it played out, it was gone.

A family cannot understand why a group of sadistic intruders would break into their home and force them to play a game of "Kill, Or Be Killed", until they realize their horrific experiences are being streamed live. Sadly, the viewing audience seems content to keep watching, waiting to see if the action is real or just make-believe.

The availability of the streaming video and audio content on this blog is constantly under pressure. Some rights owners still think that sharing these videos damages their sales. I'm keeping disfunctional clips as placeholders - to show that the footage exists, and to replace them when new uploads appear on the Web.

As March 1, 2020, MHz Worldview will no longer be available on the 26 public TV stations that currently carry MHz Worldview. We sincerely thank you for watching as well as the community stations across the U.S. that had the vision to carry us these last 12 years. 041b061a72


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