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Police PNG: An Overview

Police PNG is the acronym for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, the national police force of Papua New Guinea (PNG), a sovereign state in Oceania. Police PNG is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing and detecting crime, and upholding the law in the country. It also protects the life, liberty, property, human rights, and dignity of the citizens. Police PNG is a vital institution for ensuring the security and stability of PNG, which faces various challenges such as ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, corruption, and transnational crimes.

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History of Police PNG

The history of Police PNG can be traced back to the colonial era, when different police forces were established by the British, German, and Australian administrations that ruled over different parts of PNG. The first police force was formed in 1888 by the British New Guinea administration, followed by the German New Guinea administration in 1892 and the Australian administration in 1906. After World War I, Australia took over the mandate of both British and German territories in PNG and unified the police forces under one command. In 1973, PNG gained self-government from Australia and renamed its police force as the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. In 1975, PNG became an independent state and Police PNG became its national police force.

Functions of Police PNG

The functions of Police PNG are defined by the Constitution of PNG and the Police Force Act 1998. According to these documents, Police PNG has the following functions:

  • Upholding and enforcing the law impartially, and protecting life, liberty, property, human rights, and dignity of the members of the public.

  • Promoting and preserving public order.

  • Protecting internal security, preventing and controlling terrorist activities, breaches of communal harmony, militant activities, and other situations affecting internal security.

  • Executing all orders and warrants lawfully issued to the police officer by any competent authority.

  • Collecting and communicating intelligence affecting the public peace to the competent authority.

  • Preventing the commission of offenses and public nuisance.

Challenges of Police PNG

Police PNG faces several challenges on both internal and external fronts. Some of these challenges are:

  • Lack of professionalism, training, equipment, and resources to perform its duties effectively and efficiently.

  • Corruption, misconduct, abuse of power, and human rights violations by some police officers.

  • Lack of public trust, confidence, cooperation, and respect for the police due to negative perceptions and experiences.

  • High crime rates, especially violent crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, assault, domestic violence, tribal warfare, sorcery-related killings, etc.

  • Complex socio-cultural diversity and conflicts among different ethnic groups, clans, tribes, regions, etc.

  • Geographical isolation and accessibility issues due to rugged terrain, poor infrastructure, natural hazards, etc.

  • Transnational threats such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal logging, wildlife poaching, money laundering, etc.


Police PNG is an important institution for maintaining peace and order in PNG. It has a long history that reflects the colonial legacy and the post-independence development of the country. It has a wide range of functions that cover various aspects of law enforcement and public safety. However, it also faces many challenges that hamper its performance and reputation. It needs to address these challenges by improving its professionalism, accountability, transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency. It also needs to enhance its collaboration with other stakeholders such as the government, the judiciary, the community, the media, and regional and international partners. FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Police PNG:

  • How many police officers are there in Police PNG?

According to the latest available data, there are about 6,000 police officers in Police PNG, which is far below the recommended ratio of 1:450 for police to population. PNG has a population of about 9 million people, which means it needs at least 20,000 police officers to meet the international standard.

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  • How can I join Police PNG?

To join Police PNG, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a citizen of PNG and have a national identity card.

  • You must be between 18 and 23 years old.

  • You must have completed grade 12 or equivalent with a minimum of C grade in English and Mathematics.

  • You must have a clean criminal record and good character.

  • You must pass a physical fitness test, a medical examination, and a psychological assessment.

  • You must undergo a six-month training course at the Bomana Police College.

  • How can I report a crime or a complaint to Police PNG?

You can report a crime or a complaint to Police PNG by calling the toll-free number 1800 100 or visiting the nearest police station. You can also use the online reporting system on the Police PNG website. You should provide as much information as possible about the incident, such as the date, time, location, description of the suspects, witnesses, evidence, etc. You should also keep a copy of the report for your reference.

  • How can I access the services and information of Police PNG?

You can access the services and information of Police PNG by visiting its official website at The website provides various information such as the vision, mission, values, structure, functions, history, news, events, publications, contacts, etc. of Police PNG. You can also find useful resources such as crime prevention tips, safety advice, emergency numbers, online reporting system, etc. on the website.

  • How can I support or cooperate with Police PNG?

You can support or cooperate with Police PNG by doing the following:

  • Obeying the law and respecting the authority of the police.

  • Reporting any crime or suspicious activity to the police.

  • Providing accurate and truthful information and evidence to the police.

  • Assisting the police in their investigations and prosecutions.

  • Participating in community policing initiatives and programs.

  • Giving feedback and suggestions to improve the performance and service delivery of the police.


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