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World Flag Trivia: A Quiz to Boost Your Geography Skills

World Flag Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Flags Of The World?


Flags are more than just pieces of cloth with colors and patterns. They are symbols of identity, history, culture, and pride. They represent the values, beliefs, and aspirations of nations, states, organizations, and movements. They can also be sources of inspiration, curiosity, and challenge.

world flag quiz

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How well do you know the flags of the world? Do you know which country has the only flag that is not a quadrilateral? Or which two countries have square-shaped flags? Or which country has a dragon on its flag?

If you want to test your knowledge and learn some interesting facts about flags of the world, then this is the quiz for you. This is the ultimate world flag quiz that will walk you through all 254 country flags of the world. You will have to answer 10 multiple-choice questions and see how many you can get right.

The Ultimate World Flag Quiz

How to play the quiz

The quiz is simple and fun to play. You will see a picture of a flag and four possible answers. You have to choose the correct answer by clicking on it. You will see if you got it right or wrong immediately. You will also see an explanation of why the answer is correct or incorrect. You can keep track of your score at the bottom of the screen. At the end of the quiz, you will see your final score and a summary of your results.

The quiz questions and answers

Question 1: Which country has the only flag that is not a quadrilateral?

a) Nepal

b) Switzerland

c) Vatican City

d) Bhutan

Answer: a) Nepal

Explanation: The flag of Nepal is not a square or rectangle. It consists of two triangular shapes, often referred to as a pennon or pennant. These are stacked on top of each other to form the flag. It was officially made the flag of Nepal in 1962. The flag has a crimson red background which represents bravery and a blue band outlining the flag which symbolizes peace. There are two symbols, one in each triangle, of a sun and moon crescent.

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Question 2: Which two countries have square-shaped flags?

a) Switzerland and Vatican City

b) China and Japan

c) Canada and France

d) Brazil and Argentina

Answer: a) Switzerland and Vatican City

Explanation: Out of the 193 sovereign flags of the world, 190 are rectangular, only three are different. One of three is the flag of Nepal, which we saw in the previous question. The other two are Switzerland and Vatican City. Both of these flags are square-shaped, meaning they have equal length and width. The flag of Switzerland has a white cross on a red background, which represents the Swiss Confederation and its Christian heritage. The flag of Vatican City has two vertical bands of yellow and white, with the coat of arms of the Holy See on the white band. The coat of arms features the papal tiara and the keys of Saint Peter.

Question 3: Which country has the oldest continuously used national flag?

a) Denmark

b) Greece

c) Egypt

d) China

Answer: a) Denmark

Explanation: The flag of Denmark, also known as the Dannebrog, is the oldest national flag in the world that is still in use today. It dates back to the 13th century, when it allegedly fell from the sky during a battle between the Danish king and the Estonian pagans. The flag has a white Scandinavian cross on a red background, which symbolizes Christianity and the blood of the martyrs. The flag is also considered a symbol of freedom and democracy in Denmark.

Question 4: Which country has the most stars on its flag?

a) United States

b) Brazil

c) Australia

d) China

Answer: b) Brazil

Explanation: The flag of Brazil has 27 stars on it, which is more than any other country's flag. The stars represent the 26 states and one federal district of Brazil. They are arranged in a pattern that resembles the night sky over Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 1889, the date when Brazil became a republic. The flag also has a green field, which represents the forests of Brazil, and a yellow rhombus, which represents the gold and mineral wealth of Brazil. In the center of the rhombus, there is a blue circle with a white band that bears the motto "Ordem e Progresso", which means "Order and Progress" in Portuguese.

Question 5: Which country has a dragon on its flag?

a) Wales

b) Bhutan

c) Vietnam

d) Malta

Answer: b) Bhutan

Explanation: The flag of Bhutan features a white dragon on a yellow and orange background. The dragon is called Druk, which means "Thunder Dragon" in Dzongkha, the official language of Bhutan. The dragon symbolizes the sovereignty and protection of Bhutan, as well as its Buddhist culture and traditions. The yellow color represents the secular authority of the king, while the orange color represents the spiritual authority of Buddhism. The dragon also holds four jewels in its claws, which represent the wealth and prosperity of Bhutan. Question 6: Which country has a flag that features a AK-47 rifle?

a) Mozambique

b) Angola

c) Somalia

d) Libya

Answer: a) Mozambique

Explanation: The flag of Mozambique has a black triangle on the left, with a yellow star, a book, a hoe, and an AK-47 rifle on it. The star represents Marxism and internationalism, the book represents education and literacy, the hoe represents agriculture and rural development, and the AK-47 represents the armed struggle for independence and defense. The flag also has four horizontal bands of green, white, black, and yellow, which represent the natural resources, peace, the African continent, and mineral wealth of Mozambique.

Question 7: Which country has a flag that is identical to another country's flag except for the size of the emblem?

a) Romania

b) Chad

c) Monaco

d) Indonesia

Answer: b) Chad

Explanation: The flag of Chad is identical to the flag of Romania except for the size of the emblem. Both flags have three vertical bands of blue, yellow, and red. However, the blue band on Chad's flag is slightly darker than Romania's flag, and the emblem on Chad's flag is slightly larger than Romania's flag. The emblem consists of a yellow sun over a yellow goat's head. The blue color represents the sky and hope, the yellow color represents the sun and desert, and the red color represents progress and sacrifice.

Question 8: Which country has a flag that consists of only one color?

a) Libya

b) Japan

c) Canada

d) France

Answer: a) Libya

Explanation: The flag of Libya is the only national flag in the world that consists of only one color. It is entirely green, which represents Islam and the political ideology of Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled Libya from 1969 to 2011. The flag was adopted in 1977 and remained unchanged until 2011, when Libya underwent a civil war and a regime change. The current flag of Libya is based on the pre-Gaddafi flag, which has three horizontal bands of red, black, and green, with a white crescent and star on the black band.

Question 9: Which country has a flag that changes every year?

a) Nepal

b) South Africa

c) New Zealand

d) Marshall Islands

Answer: d) Marshall Islands

Explanation: The flag of Marshall Islands changes every year because it has a unique feature that reflects the country's location and history. The flag has a blue field with two diagonal stripes of orange and white, and a white star with 24 points. The blue color represents the Pacific Ocean, the orange color represents courage, and the white color represents peace. The star has four large points that represent the four main islands of Marshall Islands: Majuro, Ebeye, Jaluit, and Wotje. The other 20 points represent the number of years that Marshall Islands was under trusteeship by the United States before becoming independent in 1986. Therefore, every year, one point is removed from the star until it reaches four points in 2006.



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