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Don\\u2019t Tap The White Tile Hack VERIFIED

If you've visited either top charts for Google Play or Apple's App store then you've probably seen "Don't Tap the White Tile" near the top. This new addictive game is simple, DON'T TAP ON ANY WHITE TILES! This is the core rule of the iOS and Android game and sounds fairly easy, but is a lot more difficult than you'd think. Here are a few cheats, hacks, tips and tricks to help you not tap any white tiles and achieve a great high score.

Don\\u2019t Tap The White Tile Hack


First up is practice, practice, practice! Touch Tap Play offers some pretty good tips like getting some extra practice and work on your speed and movement through the Zen mode. While the mode doesn't feature a moving board it is still good to get some extra work in and focus on not hitting those pesky white tiles. Also its best if you use two fingers. Also helpful is removing any screen protectors so you have optimal usage of your devices display.


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