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Dino Crisis 2: The Ultimate Dinosaur Survival Game for Windows

dino crisis 2 has a satisfyingly varied variety of puzzles and special effects, and a decent amount of replay value. the game features a complex save system that allows the player to save their progress at several points and then replay the levels with their new skills, items, and equipment. however, due to the time limit of one life, it is often necessary to restart the game over again from the beginning if a save does not work. while it is possible to play the game by itself without the need to save, the game often becomes much more difficult if an attempt to save is made. the game has been known to skip over the saving screen entirely if there is an issue with it, or to crash with the message "failed to save" if the player has not chosen a path that will not be saved. some online guides have reported that the game is still a pain to save, with the save screen still failing to display.

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dino crisis 2 also features a variety of mini-games that were not present in the first game. these mini-games include the aforementioned bowling, darts, checkers, and basketball. the bowling game has the player throwing the ball at targets on a board that are randomly chosen. the darts are similar to the resident evil 4 game's darts, where the player uses the corresponding button to throw at the board.

a few months after the events of the first dino crisis, the city of edward is about to celebrate its golden jubilee. but after the preparations for the festivities are completed, a large dinosaur appears on the streets. the next day a huge meteor appears in the skies and affects the city. the government declares a citywide evacuation, and most of the people leave the city.


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