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SWEET - The Very Best Of (2005 - EAC Rip)

Waking Up Is Hard to Do was Sedaka's next release with Razor and Tie, hitting the albums chart in May 2009. The CD was a children's album that used the melodies of many of Sedaka's best-known songs but changed the lyrics to fit the everyday lives of babies and toddlers, along with their parents, grandparents, babysitters, and other caregivers. The CD title is an example. Lastly, The Music of My Life entered the albums chart in February 2010[44] and comprised almost all new material. "Right or Wrong", co-written with original music partner Howard Greenfield, was done in traditional street-corner, layered doo-wop vocal harmonies with Sedaka overlaying his own voice to achieve the effect for which he was well known in his "early" heyday of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The final track, "You", has been previously released, but was remastered for this project and is one of several titles dedicated to his wife and career guide of over 50 years, Leba.

SWEET - The very best of (2005 - EAC Rip)

The end of our time together is approaching bittersweetly this month. Never have I had a year or a class quite like this one! What incredible thinkers, listeners, learners, and caretakers. The flexibility and compassion they have practiced this year will serve as a foundation for any and all of their future endeavors. Sophie and I are so proud of each and every one of these beautiful beings, and we will miss them!

Lark had a sweet and loving disposition. Nothing pleased her more than being cuddled and petted, and she returned that love with enthusiastic kisses, nose pokes, and tunneling into pillows while giving exuberant tummy displays anticipating tummy rubs. I think that the best time of her life was nursing and caring for her litter of three boys, including Frolic, Perky, and Wallace, and one girl, Roxie Star. She is smiling in all of her photos. Her sunshiny disposition, however, could instantly give way to excited barking at the sight of a bird or squirrel or to the sound of anyone approaching our front door.

This morning we crossed Billy over the rainbow bridge. He was such an amazing partner. He lived 15 years, 3 months and 18 days. He beat cancer twice. My Novice A dog. Together we did obedience, breed champion, rally champion, agility champion, herding, tv, commercials, movies and print ads. There wasn't anything he didn't love or at least try for me. I made so many mistakes yet he always forgave me with the smile and wagging tail. Because of him I've met so many people in the dog world. Some are my very best friends. Because of him we got to ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ. Do live tv with Micheal Strahan, Meet tv stars. Yet at the end of the day... all those titles, all the stars, none of it matters. What matters is the journey we took together. The people we've met, the lives we touched, the bonds we forged, the memories we've made. Billy's now gone but his kids live on continuing their journeys with us. Hug your dog, tell them how wonderful they are because they really are! Chances are none of us would even know each other if it wasn't for our love of dogs.

When I was asked to take part in the Dream Beardie editorial for the Bulletin, there was no hesitation that Claire would be the dog I picked. She was just the sweetest, easiest dog one could ever want. She always gave her best to any task she was asked to do, from winning a National Specialty to numerous HIT herding wins, to placing first or second in 10 of her 11 Novice agility runs, to winning the Chip Versatility award in 2008. She was something special from the very beginning, that pupppy you had to look at - maybe because she insisted on walking on the back of the couch! I was blessed to have her in my life for almost 16 years. She has left behind a lovely legacy in children, grandchildren and great grand children, excelling in all venues from conformation, to herding, to agility, to nosework. She has left a hole here at Pentangle. I think of her every day, almost "Forever Young." The body fails but the spirit soars.

"Thank you everyone for your kind words about Grendel. I feel the love everyone had for her. Her last day was wonderful. She played in the sprinklers, danced with me, and went for a long hike. She had a love for life and a sense of adventure that I will never forget. She made everything fun. I got Grendel as I was still a fairly new veterinarian. She loved going to work and greeting the clients, but most of all she loved her family. She loved these boys so much and raised them well. She taught them what unconditional love was about. She also taught them that it is okay to play in the sprinklers and be silly. We had many dance parties in their room with a dancing, singing Grendel. The house is much quieter without her. I will never forget you Grendel. You were my best friend, my constant companion, my hero, but, most of all, the best teacher I ever had. I love you sweet girl."

In just a day or two it will be 6 months since Spice crossedthe Bridge. It has taken me this long to put together mythoughts and feelings. Spice was the Perfect Dog thatcame into my life at the Perfect Time. She was brown,sassy, smart, manipulative and a flirt. She loved the gameof Agility! Spice was that dog that GOT the game andloved it. The two of us had the best time working as ateam and running against the course and the clock. Sheloved the adoration of people and had a habit of flippingthat beautiful head of hair as if to remind everyone thatstyle is also important. My greatest admiration for Spicecame when she had her autoimmune crash. The dignityand bravery she showed in fighting that battle left me inawe of an amazing dog that loved her family. I promisedher in the dark days that if she would live, I would nevermake her stay at the start line again, and she never did.Spice, thank you for the gift of so many wonderfulmemories that you gave me over 14 1/2 years. I'm notsure I'll ever be over the tears.

He was our very first dog, our very first Beardie. We were fortunate enough to have him in our lives and we did everything and anything to make his life special, beautiful and exciting. Always very rewarding because this boy wore his heart on his sleeve. Where ever he would go, our handsome man always had a presence and attracted a lot of attention. Thank you for this fascinating journey we've been on, dear sweet boy. Our hearts are hurting and we are missing you terribly." - John & Miranda Mulders

"Thank you everyone who wrote such nice comments on my post about Bogie. You have no idea how much everyone of them means to me. I have read and reread them all many times. Now we all are trying to adjust with an empty spot in our hearts and home. I am doing my best to remember the vibrant Bogie, I am pretty sure he is having a great time up there pain free. I also think he must have known that this artic blast was coming and just said NO WAY. Smart boy Thanks everyone. I will cherish your thoughts forever."

On April 5th I had to say goodbye to my beloved Lakotah! She was 15 years 3 1/2 months. She didn't have anything medically wrong, but her little body was just totally giving out on her. She was beginning to have more bad days than good ones. It was very hard, and I miss her so much. She was my heart dog, and my heart is breaking now. Lakotah! is the one who got me into all the fun dog things I do today. She always wanted to please me, and she had almost 30 titles in herding, agility, and obedience. She never cared what she was doing though, as long as she was with me. The titles weren't the important thing; the love and companionship we shared is what I will miss. Run free, my sweet Lakotah! You will be forever in my heart . . . until we meet again. I love you! -Marilynn Snook 041b061a72


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